7 Reasons to Ask for Alaska

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Sure, most of us know that seafood is a healthy protein options with plenty of health benefits, but do we truly know why we should be asking for Alaskan seafood when we’re at the market? Check out the top seven reasons why you should be asking for Alaskan!

1. It's Wild

Alaskan seafood is wild caught, meaning it is harvested in the pristine waters off of Alaska’s 34,000 mile coastline. 

2. It's Natural

Because Alaskan seafood is harvested from its natural habitat, the seafood is allowed to mature at a natural pace and swim freely in the icy waters, enjoying a natural diet of marine organisms. This also means that it has not been treated with hormones or additives, unlike many farmed seafood species.

3. It's Sustainable

Alaska’s seafood is eco-friendly. Alaska’s abundant seafood species are part of healthy, intact ecosystems, and the fisheries are managed for sustainability. Ever since statehood in 1959, Alaska’s fisheries have been managed with the long term health of the stocks as top priority. This is mandated by the constitution of the state of Alaska. 

4. Flavor

The superior flavor and texture of Alaska seafood is prized around the world. They get their flavor and flesh color from their natural diet of marine organisms. Salmon migrate thousands of miles over the course of their lifetime, and all that exercise in cold water gives the fish a firm texture. Each of the five salmon species has its own characteristics of color and flavor.

5. It's Versatile

Alaskan seafood is easy to prepare. You can grill, poach, bake, saute, and even take portions right from the freezer to cook, putting a meal on the table within minutes.

6. It's Healthy

Alaskan seafood is healthy and nutritious. It is high in protein and low in saturated fat, and a natural source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

7. It Creates Jobs for a Healthy Economy

Alaska is the largest source of domestic seafood, with a harvest larger than every other state combined. Each year residents of every US state travel North to join 27,000+ Alaskans to help them catch and process over 5 billion pounds of Alaskan seafood. Many jobs are held by families who fish together aboard small vessels. In 2011, Alaska’s seafood industry created a total of 120,800 American jobs.



Information courtesy of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

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