All About Pescetarianism

Are you asking yourself “What is pescetarianism?” If you are, then we’re here to give you a quick review on the pescetarian diet, and how it may be beneficial to your health. What Is Pescetarianism? Pescetarianism, also known as pesco-vegetarianism, is when someone follows a mostly vegetarian diet, but still includes seafood in their diet. […]

Get the Kiddos Hooked on Seafood

Our kids are some of the most important parts of our lives. Are you doing everything you can to make sure they’re consuming optimal nutrition, for a happy & healthy childhood? What if we told you that seafood can help improve your child’s brain and heart health? In fact, this high-quality protein, is full of […]

How to Add More Seafood to Your Diet

Statistics show that nearly 90% of Americans don’t meet the dietary recommendation to eat seafood 2-3 times per week. If you are part of this 90%, and struggling to find ways to incorporate seafood into your diet in a fresh and fun way, then check out some of these tips: Swap Meat for Seafood: Take […]

Fight It With Fish: How Seafood Helps Fight Seasonal Depression

Some of you may be familiar with the “wintertime blues,” also known as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. During a normal year, about 5% of the US population experiences SAD, but this year, with quarantines and social distancing, it’s safe to say people are being affected more than ever.  According to Medline Plus, “Seasonal affective […]

Introducing JANUARY’S $125 Seafood Box

Our latest Fish Drop addition is the Monthly $125 Seafood Box. This means that EVERY month we will release a new box, full of seafood, for only $125 (+ FREE shipping). This box does not require a subscription, and is the BEST value you can get when ordering through Fish Drop. This month, we are […]

Try This Easy At Home Seafood Boil

Are you trapped in a landlocked state, craving a seafood boil, with nowhere to go? We’re here to help you with our at-home seafood boil kit! Let us walk you through the easiest way to make one of the most delicious seafood boils you’ve ever had – no restaurant required! At Home Seafood Boil Serves: […]

Reheat Your Crab Legs Like a Pro

What many people might not know about crab, is that when you purchase it at the store, or at a seafood market, chances are that it’s already cooked. Typically, crabs are cooked on the boat by the fishermen themselves, before being frozen, in order to preserve the rich flavor of the meat and to protect […]

Get Seasoned in Seafood

When it comes to deciding which seasonings are best for your seafood, sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Should you go sweet, spicy, savory? The truth is, there are so many spices, and many of them pair perfectly with seafood. We’re firm believers that there isn’t really a “wrong” seafood seasoning, but we are here […]

Meal Prepping With Wild Caught Seafood

Tis the season of meal prepping! If you’re interested in meal prepping with wild caught seafood, but you’re unsure of store times, or what varieties are better to use, then we’re here to give you a few tips on meal prepping with wild caught seafood! Is It Safe to Meal Prep With Wild Caught Fish? […]