Check Out Our 10/20 East Coast Sea Scallops

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Dry Sea Scallops, the Whole Family Will Love

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a dry and wet scallop is? In this case, being dry is a good thing!

Dry Scallops: Have not been treated with chemicals to preserve them while in the freezer. 

Wet Scallops: Have been treated with a solution of water and sodium tripolyphosphate, or STPP, which preserves them as soon as they are harvested at sea.

Because of this difference, dry scallops are often a bit sweeter and fresher tasting, whereas wet scallops retain moisture, giving them a soapy taste and a bouncy texture after they’re cooked. 

Our dry sea scallops are coming to us off of the East Coast in New Bedford, MA (the scallop capital of the world).

Some of the best ways to prepare them are: searing, baking, and grilling!

Check out one of our favorite recipes: Bacon Wrapped Scallops.

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