Fight It With Fish: How Seafood Helps Fight Seasonal Depression

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Some of you may be familiar with the “wintertime blues,” also known as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. During a normal year, about 5% of the US population experiences SAD, but this year, with quarantines and social distancing, it’s safe to say people are being affected more than ever. 

According to Medline Plus, “Seasonal affective disorder is a mental health condition that is triggered by the changing of the seasons.” It can often be characterized by prolonged sadness and a general lack of interest. 

If you have, or are, experiencing SAD, then we have some good news for you! Seafood has been shown to help fight off the symptoms of SAD. 

Establishing a mind-food connection, and choosing nourishing foods such as lean proteins, full of vitamins and antioxidants could help improve energy, sleep and mood overall. It’s also known that the omega-3s and vitamin D levels in seafood may help contribute to brain health.

In fact, the American Psychiatric Association has endorsed Omega-3 fatty acids as an effective method of depression treatment. They recommend eating 2-3 servings of seafood a week to significantly reduce the risk of major depression. 

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