Fresh Vs. Frozen Seafood

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Many think that fresh seafood typically bought from grocery stores is better tasting, and better for you, but is that the truth? We’re breaking it down for you so you get the best-tasting seafood. 

“Fresh” Fish at the Seafood Counter

The concept of “fresh” is somewhat a marketing myth. All the seafood you see laid out on ice most likely didn’t come off the boat just that morning, in fact, that fish has probably been refrozen and thawed out again many times.  Not only that, but you are not able to determine how long your fish has been sitting out. By the time fish goes from a boat to the processing plant and then able to be shipped out it will be at least 3 to 4 days before it can get to a grocery store if one is lucky. Most often the fish will take longer than that to be ready at your local grocery store.

What is “Flash Frozen” Fish?

Flash Frozen is seafood that is frozen quickly at the peak of its freshness. This gets achieved by rapidly freezing at low temperatures to prevent large ice crystals to form. Flash freezing helps retain the flavor, texture, and shape. 

Is Frozen Fish Really Just as Good as Fresh Caught?

Yes! Flash-frozen seafood rates the same, or better, than store-bought “fresh” fish. Another great perk of frozen fish is that you’re still getting all the nutrients. Because it’s flash-frozen at the peak of its freshness, the chance of nutrient deterioration and growth of harmful bacteria decreases significantly. 

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