Get the Kiddos Hooked on Seafood

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Our kids are some of the most important parts of our lives. Are you doing everything you can to make sure they’re consuming optimal nutrition, for a happy & healthy childhood?

What if we told you that seafood can help improve your child’s brain and heart health? In fact, this high-quality protein, is full of vitamins and minerals and is a great source of healthy fats such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are essential for a child’s developing brain, nervous system and vision. Some research also suggests that consuming fish early in life may help prevent allergic diseases such as asthma and eczema.

One Fish, Two Fish? Let's Talk Servings

Maximize the health and nutrition benefits of seafood by ensuring you’re feeding your kiddos the correct serving sizes. 

Picky Eaters?

Maybe you’re having a hard time getting your kiddo to like fish. If that’s the case, then we’ve got a few tips that might help:

  1. Get them involved: Kids like to feel included. If you involve them while you’re cooking, they’ll be more apt to try something new.
  2. Eat it Regularly: Most people (including children) are creatures of habit. If you demonstrate healthy eating habits, and start them on a consistent schedule of eating seafood, sooner or later it will just become normal!
  3. Try a Dipping Sauce: Dipping sauces offer a fun new way to add flavor to your fish. Try pestos, honeys, butters, ketchups, and mustards.

Best Choices?

Maybe you’re not sure which varieties are best to start your kiddo on. If they’re picky, we’d recommend starting them on milder options such as Coho Salmon, Rockfish, or Pollock. If they are more open to variety, you can try Sockeye Salmon, Red Shrimp, and crab!

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