Here Comes Heart Month: Eat Seafood for a Happy, Healthy Heart

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February not only hosts the day of hearts (Valentine’s Day), but it also marks American Heart Month.

American Heart Month helps people learn more about their heart, their risk for heart disease and how they can prevent it. Some of the suggestions include, getting regular exercise, limiting alcohol, not smoking, and managing stress, but another key component is eating a healthy diet!

When you eat seafood twice a week, you are lowering your risk of heart attack and other cardiac issues. Seafood is high in essential omega-3s, protein, vitamins, and minerals, which help to control blood pressure and keeps cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control.

How Can I Eat Seafood 2x a Week?

  1. Eat Seafood for Lunch: This doesn’t mean you need to go all out. Try canned salmon or canned tuna, and make a sandwich! Or meal prep over the weekend so you are ready to go during the week. Check out our favorite recipe to meal prep with, Salmon Salad.
  2. Replace Your Meat: Instead of eating meat throughout the week, see if you can swap your meat for seafood! For example, sub a Salmon Burger in place of a traditional burger.
  3. Try it for Breakfast: Yes, you can even eat seafood for breakfast! Make a salmon scramble, or try a crab cake benedict.
  4. Try Something New: Tired of eating the same seafood varieties over and over again? We have plenty of options available in our online store.


Are you taking the pledge to eat seafood 2x a week? 

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