New Whitefish Season Begins in Alaska

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If you’re a whitefish lover, then we have great news for you! The new whitefish season begins in Alaska this coming Saturday, March 6th! At this very moment, fishermen and fisherwomen are preparing for their season of longlining, where they will harvest Halibut, Black Cod, Rockfish, Cod and more!

What is Long Lining?

Longlining is a fishing method that is used to harvest fish in surface waters, as well as bottom living species. Longlines are a length of line that include branch lines, which carry baited hooks. Large longlines can carry thousands of hooks, while smaller longlines will house roughly less than a thousand hooks.

Fishermen will retrieve longline hooks one at a time. This allows them to unhook unwanted species of fish and return them alive to the sea without bringing them on board. This means that longlining is a fishing method that produces very little bycatch.

Our Alaskan Whitefish Varieties

  • Halibut: Has a sweet, mild tasting white flesh, but is thicker & firmer than cod. Halibut is mild, making it a versatile variety that can be prepared using several methods.
  • Sablefish or Black Cod: This fish is high in oil, giving it a buttery flavor and silky texture. It is best prepared grilled or seared with Asian flavors such as miso or teriyaki.
  • Alaska cod or Pacific cod: Has a mild flavor and tender yet firm meat texture. It’s lean and flaky with a low fat content, making it a great match for many seasonings and sauces.
  • Alaska pollock: Pollock has a mild and delicate flavor, yet some find it to be more flavorful than cod, which could be due to its higher fat content. It is a perfect option for fish tacos and homemade fish sticks.
  • Rockfish: Rockfish are mild, sweet, and have a nutty accent. We put Rockfish right in between cod & halibut. Due to it’s versatile flavor and texture, it’s great baked, grilled, sauteed and so much more.

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