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Argentine Red Shrimp - a Customer Favorite

If you haven’t tried our Argentine Red Shrimp yet, then we’re going to tell you why you should!

Argentine Red Shrimp are naturally caught in the icy cold, clean waters just off the coast of Argentina. This is what gives them a delicate texture and a sweet taste (some even compare them to lobster).

These shrimp are tender and require little preparation. They are beautiful just lightly grilled, sautéed in a pan over low heat, skewered, served in a gumbo, in shrimp fettuccine, and just about anything else (yes, we’ve even put them in a grilled cheese). They are pre-cleaned, EZ Peel, and a beautiful natural red color that will look brilliant on your dinner table! All of these factors have made our Argentine Reds one of the best-selling items on our menu. 

click below to shop these sweet shrimp.

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