Dungeness Crab Clusters (Out of Town Seafood Pickup)


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This product is available only for Seafood Pickup Events outside of Billings, MT.


Have you been looking for Dungeness Crab? We aim to carry Dungeness Crab year-round and rotate our crab from the Summer and Fall fisheries in Southeast Alaska to the Winter fisheries along the Washington and Oregon Coasts. This allows us to have crab that we carry for no longer than six months once it has been harvested. Dungeness Crab has quickly become a customer favorite with its sweet flavor and nice big chunks of meat that dip so good in butter! We carry a Dungeness Crab Cluster, also known as a section. This is the shoulder and all of the legs. We avoid carrying whole crabs so you do not have to mess with cleaning the crab. All of our Crab has already been cooked at the processing facilities in Alaska and the West Coast so your easiest way to prepare this Dungeness is to steam. This is a great process to prepare crab because you can steam it directly from its frozen state. Get your water steaming, add your preference of salt or boil seasoning, and 7-10 minutes later you are cracking crab legs!

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