East Coast Sea Scallops



Our East Coast Sea Scallops come directly with the source. After much research and learning about the East Coast Scallop fishery, we have begun working directly with one processor in Rhode Island. They participate directly with the fisherman and seafood auctions in New Bedford! We source a 10/20 count DRY Scallops, which means no preservatives have been added. These dry sea scallops have been a great addition to our offerings of Wild Caught Seafood. Unlike the Bay Scallops, Sea Scallops are larger in size and perfect for a meal or appetizer! Many people are intimidated by scallops and not sure how to cook them. We have solved that problem by providing you with multiple Scallops cooking videos on our YouTube Channel. From a quick sear in butter to bacon-wrapped on the grill, we can show you exactly how to cook and enjoy these Scallops!

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Sold in 1lb quantities