Wild Alaskan Rockfish


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Rockfish is one of the best-kept secrets in Alaskan seafood! By no means is Rockfish a mainstream fish, but it is slowly working its way to the top. As an incredible tasting whitefish that is mild with a flaky texture, you can use Rockfish in many of the same ways you prepare Cod or Halibut. One of our favorite ways to cook Rockfish is creating Wild Alaskan Rockfish fish tacos! Many of our customers have been enjoying Rockfish by baking it, grilling it, smoking it, fish fry, and even in the air fryer! If you are a fan of mild-tasting seafood that most consider not to be fishy, then Rockfish is a must-try. We are honored to work directly with fishermen with much of the rockfish we source, along with working with Seafood Processors that our founder has direct relationships with from his many years in the Alaskan Seafood Industry. Rockfish is available from March to November, which allows us to have a great source for this fish throughout most of the year.

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