Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon by Kvichak Fish Co.


About Kvichak Fish Co.:

The most unique thing about Kvichak Fish Company is that from the time the fish is delivered from the boats; it is in our care throughout the entire processing, packaging and distribution chain. We know that our salmon and halibut was cut fresh, frozen fast and packed properly.

We know it, because we do it – all by hand, all summer!

Kvichak Fish Co. is a small processor located in Bristol Bay, AK that specializes in Salmon and Halibut.  They work directly with small boat fisherman and process everything by hand.  The quality is unmatched and you will notice it in this Sockeye Salmon.

All of our salmon and halibut are sourced from the sustainably-managed waters of Bristol Bay. The fleet, processors and industry work closely with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to harvest in a way that ensure healthy fish come first and will for generations.

The salmon we pack for you is wild-caught with gill-net gear on either set-net skiffs or drift boats. Each tide, we meet the fishermen on North Naknek Beach and Naknek City Dock to offload their catch into totes full of slush-ice before they are cut back at the plant.


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Introducing Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon directly from the Producer!

Sockeye Salmon comes in either full fillets or portions

Direct from Kvichak Fish Co. harvested in Bristol Bay, AK.

Kvichak Fish Co. works only with small boat fisherman and processes all of their salmon by hand.  We have worked hard to connect with Kvichak Fish Co. to bring you the highest quality Salmon Alaska has to offer.

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