The Sweetest Dungeness Crab Clusters

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Get Your Crab Crackers!

When it comes to crab species, we’re sure you’ve heard of King Crab, and Snow Crab, among others, but have you heard of Dungeness Crab?

Dungeness Crab is one of our best sellers. These sweet and tender clusters are easy to prepare and versatile. 

Some compare the meat of Dungeness Crab to that of Maine Lobster, though more tender. The sweet and delicate flavor makes it ideal for steaming and serving with butter, though it’s also great in crab cakes, in your seafood boil, in crab cake benedict, and plenty of other recipes.

Dungeness crab is also considered to be an excellent source of protein – providing about 20 percent of the Recommended daily value. It is also a rich supply of zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and iron as well as all of the essential amino acids. Yet it is low in fat and calories.


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